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SAVER Services Plan

SAVER Services Plan


GREAT DEAL! Storage of 4 Xtra-large items, STANDARD DORM-LOBBY pick up and delivery.

  • Details

    Strorage of (4) Xtra-Large Boxes or Items from March - August. Xtra-Large Items include: refrigerators, Foot Lockers, Storage Bins, Hampers, Televisions, Microwaves, etc. These items can be stored "as-is" and do not need to be put inside of boxes for storage.

    •$55- Storage each additional Xtra-Large/ Large Box or Item*
    •Standard Pickup Schedule (four-hour pickup window)
    •FREE Pickup (dorm-lobby storage pickup)**
    • Standard Delivery Schedule (four-hour delivery window)
    •FREE Delivery (dorm-lobby storage delivery)**

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